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Behind Endless Night, Teddy Delcroix x Carré Production

Endless Night testifies to the perfect symbiosis between man and their environment. As of the dancer’s wake-up, his body and the décor get animated against a minimalist and airy white background. The dancer injects his own rhythm to the décor that, in turn, comes to life.

A human creation that places the human being at the centre of the concept but which, eventually, reveals that the belief of human supremacy triumphing over nature is pure trickery.

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To coincide with the launch of the music video Endless Night of Jazir & Majør, we were asked to imagine an interactive & really immersive experience. The platform allows the user to easily switch between the multiple views.

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FWA of the day 19 march 2017, FWA
Site of the day 16 march 2016, CSS Design Awards

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