Design for screens*
Founded by Margaux Minguez-Lahana with the support of her husband in 2017, Maison Stella & Suzie is a love story with fashion that has evolved into a bohemian and chic brand. Originally a concept store, the brand quickly transitioned to producing 100% original collections, deeply committed to environmental and social ethics. Each monthly capsule collection showcases their dedication to feminine chic and sustainability.
Our RoleDesign conception, UX/UI design, development
TechnologiesShopify Plus

Our Involvement

From the inception of Maison Stella & Suzie, we have been a pivotal part of their journey, starting with the creation of their logo and initial e-commerce site using WooCommerce. As the brand grew, we oversaw several website redesigns to accommodate their expanding needs, culminating in a successful migration to Shopify Plus in 2023. Our efforts enhanced the user experience (UX/UI) while integrating CRM and ERP solutions to streamline logistics.